5 Year Mortgage Rates
Term TypeRatePromo & Info
5 YearFixed (standard)2.49%
5 YearFixed (promo)2.29%-*call for restrictions
-High Ratio Only
-Meet property guidelines
5 YearFixed (promo)2.49% & -Condo Doc Review, Reimbursement $500 *call
5 YearVariable (promo)2.10%
* Subject to change without notice *OAC *Some Underwriting Restrictions Apply
Our Mortgage Rates
2 YearFixed2.19%
3 YearFixed2.29%
4 YearFixed2.39%**High Ratio Only
5 YearFixed2.29%**restricted, call for details
6 YearFixed2.99%
7 YearFixed2.99%
10 YearFixed3.54%

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Privacy Policy



At Axiom Exzact Mortgage Corp. we are committed to providing our customers no only with exceptional service, but also with the confidence that their personal information will be handled with care.  As a mortgage brokerage where we essentially originate mortgage loans and/or act as either intermediary between a lender and a borrower, or act on behalf of a lender to make a loan to a borrower, it is essential that we collect, use and disclose some personal information throughout the process. Protecting this information is high priority and only where necessary will information be shared, and when not being used for the purpose it was provided it will be kept safely on file according to a regulatory guidelines.


We will inform our customers of why and how we collect, use and disclose their personal information, obtain their consent where required, and only handle their personal information in a manner that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances.


Our privacy commitment includes ensuring the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of our customer’s personal information and allowing our customers to request access to, and correction of, their personal information.


Personal Information –means information about an identifiable individual such as: name, age, home address and phone number, social insurance number, marital status, income, credit history, medical information, education, employment information, assets, credit obligations.  Personal information does not include contact information (described below).


Contact information – means information that would enable an individual to be contacted at a place of business and includes name, position name or title, business telephone number, business address, business email or business fax number.  Contact information is not covered by this policy.
Privacy Officer – means the individual designated responsibility for ensuring that Axiom Exzact Mortgage Corp. complies with this policy..


Policy 1 – Collecting Personal Information


1.1   Unless the purposes for collecting personal information are obvious and the customer voluntarily provides his or her personal information for those purposes, we will communicate the purposes for which personal information is being collected, either orally or in writing, before or at the time of collection.

1.2   We will only collect customer information that is necessary to fulfill the following purposes:


  • To verify identity (Which may included but not be limited to: social insurance number, date of birth, home address, previous address, passport number, previous address, place of work);
  • To verify creditworthiness (Which may included but not be limited to: obtaining credit profiles from Eqauifax, Transunion or other credit reporting agencies);
  • To identify customer preferences (Which may included but not be limited to information regarding timing of decisions, goals, risk tolerance, interest rate risk tolerance, timelines, information about family, liquidity);
  • To understand the customer banking, financial, needs of our customers (Which may included but not be limited to assets, bank accounts, RRSP, TFSA);
  • To arrange and/or manage a mortgage (Which may included but not be limited to banking information, legal descriptions of property, serial numbers of other security, credit profiles, income information social insurance number, drivers license number, current address, age, sex, email) ;
  • To arrange credit protection and/or insurance (Which may included but not be limited age, sex, medical conditions, address, banking information);
  • To deliver requested products and services (Which may included but not be limited to banking information, legal descriptions of property, serial numbers of other security, credit profiles, income information social insurance number, drivers license number, current address, age, sex, email);
  • To provide credit counseling services (Which may included but not be limited to details of collections, Social Insurance Number, date of birth, age, address, payment history, credit profiles, employment information) ;
  • To send out product and/or services information (Which may included but not be limited to email address, address, phone, fax);
  • To contact our customers for fundraising;
  • To ensure a high standard of service to our customers;
  • To meet regulatory requirements (Which may included but not be limited to all aforementioned information being kept on hard copy of electronically for at least 3 years);


Policy 2 – Consent


2.1   We will obtain customer consent to collect, use or disclose personal information (except where, as noted below, we are authorized to do so without consent).


2.2   Consent can be provided orally, in writing, electronically through fax, or email, or through an authorized representative if allowed by law by any of the means as outlined, or it can be implied where the purpose for collecting using or disclosing the personal information would be considered obvious and the customer voluntarily provides personal information for that purpose.


2.3   Consent may also be implied where a customer is given notice and a reasonable opportunity to opt-out of his or her personal information being used for mail-outs, the marketing of new services or products, fundraising and the customer does not opt-out.


2.4   Subject to certain exceptions (e.g., the personal information is necessary to provide the service or product, or the withdrawal of consent would frustrate the performance of a legal obligation), customers can withhold or withdraw their consent for Axiom Exzact Mortgage to use their personal information in certain ways.  A customer’s decision to withhold or withdraw their consent to certain uses of personal information may restrict our ability to provide a particular service or product.  If so, we will explain the situation to assist the customer in making the decision.


For Example: Providing a Social Insurance Number to some lenders is optional, however, the consequence of not providing it is a lengthened process and additional documentation.


2.5    We may collect, use or disclose personal information without the customers knowledge or consent in the following limited circumstances:


  • When the collection, use or disclosure of personal information is permitted or required by law;
  • In an emergency that threatens an individual’s life, health, or personal security;
  • When the personal information is available from a public source (e.g., a telephone directory, online directory, publicized membership list, public record);
  • When it has already been understood or consented to that the information needs to be shared with another party to complete our service obligation and/or facilitate a transaction as either an intermediary, or in the instance of representation, then on your behalf;
  • When we require legal advice from a lawyer;
  • If we are required to provide such information for Errors & Omissions insurance or claim
  • For the purposes of collecting a debt or payment on behalf of a lender we represent;
  • To protect ourselves from fraud;
  • To investigate an anticipated breach of an agreement, contractual obligation, or potential fraud
  • When asked to provide such information by any member or delegate of the Real Estate Council of Alberta


Policy 3 – Using and Disclosing Personal Information

3.1   We will only use or disclose customer personal information where necessary to fulfill the purposes identified at the time of collection, or for a purpose reasonably related to those purposes such as:


To conduct customer surveys in order to enhance the provision of our services;

To contact our customers directly about products and services that may be of interest;


3.2   We will not use or disclose customer personal information for any additional purpose unless we obtain consent to do so.


3.3   We will not sell customer lists or personal information to other parties, unless we have consent to do so, or have been instructed to do so by those on the customer list.


Policy 4 – Retaining Personal Information


4.1   If we use customer personal information to make a decision that directly affects the customer, we will retain that personal information for at least 3 years so that the customer  has a reasonable opportunity to request access to it.


4.2   Subject to policy 4.1, we will retain customer personal information only as long as necessary to fulfill the identified purposes or a legal or business purpose.


Policy 5 – Ensuring Accuracy of Personal Information


5.1   We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that customers personal information is accurate and complete where it may be used to make a decision about the customer or disclosed to another organization.


5.2   Customers may request correction to their personal information in order to ensure its accuracy and completeness.  A request to correct personal information must be made in writing and provide sufficient detail to identify the personal information and the correction being sought.

A request to correct personal information should be forwarded to the Privacy Officer who is unless otherwise notified the acting Broker registered with RECA.


5.3   If the personal information is demonstrated to be inaccurate or incomplete, we will correct the information as required and send the corrected information to any organization to which we disclosed the personal information in the previous year.  If the correction is not made, we will note the customer’s correction request in the file.


Policy 6 – Securing Personal Information


6.1   We are committed to ensuring the security of customer’s personal information in order to protect it from unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification or disposal or similar risks.


6.2   The following security measures will be followed to ensure that customer’s personal information is appropriately protected, but shall not solely be limited to:

The use of locked filing cabinets within a locked physical office location; the use of user IDs, passwords, encryption, firewalls; restricting employee access to personal information as appropriate (i.e., only those that need to know will have access; contractually requiring any service providers to provide comparable security measures].


6.3   We will use appropriate security measures when destroying customer’s personal information such as shredding paper documents, deleting electronic files.


6.4   We will continually review and update our security policies and controls as technology changes to ensure ongoing personal information security.


Policy 7 – Providing Customers Access to Personal Information


7.1   Customers have a right to access their personal information, subject to limited exceptions as follows:


  • When that information contains solicitor-client privileged information
  • When disclosure would reveal personal information about another individual(s)
  • Where there may be any health or safety concerns relating to the visit or access to the information
  • Where unreasonable demands with respect to timelines have been proposed
  • Where such as request has already been made and/or information has already been deemed to be corrected without any further change to such information


7.2    A request to access personal information must be made in writing and provide sufficient detail to identify the personal information being sought


7.3   Upon request, we will also tell customers how we use their personal information and to whom it has been disclosed if applicable.


7.4   We will make the requested information available within 30 business days, or provide written notice of an extension where additional time is required to fulfill the request.


7.5   A minimal fee may be charged for providing access to personal information.  Where a fee may apply, we will inform the customer of the cost and request further direction from the customer on whether or not we should proceed with the request.


7.6   If a request is refused in full or in part, we will notify the customer in writing, providing the reasons for refusal and the recourse available to the customer.


Policy 8 – Questions and Complaints:  The Role of the Privacy Officer or designated individual


8.1   The Privacy Officer or designated individual, if any, is responsible for ensuring Axiom Exzact Mortgage Corp.’s compliance with this policy and any applicable legislation.


8.2   Customers should direct any complaints, concerns or questions regarding Axiom Exzact Mortgage Corp.’s compliance in writing to the Privacy Officer. If the Privacy Officer is unable to resolve the concern, the customer may also wish to contact the provincial department that oversees such complaints

Contact information for Axiom Exzact Mortgage Corp. Privacy Officer:


Axiom Exzact Mortgage Corp.

C/O Nathan Zacharias

100-5810 2nd Street SW

Calgary, Ab.

T2H 0H2